Who calls me from 011-30156300?

Simple Answer: Tele beggars in search of donations on the name of charity


Of late, I got an unsolicited call, even though my number is listed on Do not disturb registry (DND) from 011-30156300. Basically, this is a robotic call (IVR) that asks you to press some options and when you don’t take any action, it eventually disconnects. Alarmed by the nature of the call, I Googled the number that made me land upon a site which listed the same experience I’ve gone through. However, a user listed that this number belonged to Gameloft. Honestly, I wasn’t sure whether it belonged to this company.


Today, Oct 16, 2012, again I got a call from the same number. This time I heard a girl speaking from the other end and asked me whether I was comfortable in Hindi or English for conservation. Without hearing to what I say, she started telling me in Hindi that there is a girl who is suffering from a heart disease who needs some kind of monetary assistance to undergo a surgery.


I’ve been getting similar kind of calls (not from this number though)for the past one year where people are begging on the name of charity. I can’t go much into the details, but I really want to screw these callers happiness.




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  1. Anu November 22, 2012

    I just received a call from this number asking for donation for a child suffering with heart disease. And the lady on the phone said the operation would be in another 10 days. My friend also received a call from the same number a month back with the same request. Its hard to trust these guys.

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